a brief and unapologetic explanation

As you may or may not have noticed, I haven’t written in a while.

Not for lack of material; lots of things worth writing about have happened:

  • Christmas on the idyllic island of Morro de Sao Paolo
  • New Years in the rugged, hippy village of Itacare
  • My first moto taxi ride
  • Rafting in the Atlantic rain forest
  • Trekking on the Lost Island in search of sloths and cobras
  • Attending a samba school in Rio de Janeiro

…And, of course, there are the 7 days I spent with the always charming, sometimes difficult, and most often sunburnt Beth Hochstetler.

All things I plan to blog about — most likely once I am home and have access to a computer as typing everything on this iPhone is getting really old…

But the real reason I haven’t written anything as of late?
Mia is back and she keeps distracting me.

That’s right, fine friends. The duo has been reunited for our final few weeks in Brazil.

12 days till we’re stateside and making every moment count.



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