Camino de Santiago

While backpacking around Spain in July of 2011, I met an Irish fellow named Bryan who first introduced me to the Camino de Santiago. We got to talking while at our hostel, sharing a bottle of wine and sense of humor. Conversation centered around our travel plans, as often is the case amongst backpackers, and it was then that I learned about the Camino de Santiago. His description of the pilgrimage was simple: it’s an affordable way to trek across Spain, meet people from all over the world, and enjoy quality food and wine. Though perhaps a little crude in retrospect, it nevertheless left me immensely curious.

So curious, in fact, that I found myself on the Camino just 5 days later. Uninformed and ill-prepared, I walked the final 330 kilometers (Leon -> Santiago) over a span of 10 days . . . and loved it.

In September of 2012, I returned to Spain to walk the entire Camino de Santiago Francés (St Jean-Pied-du-Port -> Santiago -> Finisterre). During the journey, which stretched 34 days and nearly 900 kilometers, I started this blog as a means of recording and sharing my experience as it was happening. (You can check out those posts here, here, and here).

Since arriving back in the States, I’ve been asked lots of specific questions about the Camino — some logistical, some personal, and many of  which are the same questions I asked Bryan during that evening 2 summers ago. Thus, over the next few months I’ll be writing posts specifically dedicated to answering those questions with the hope that this will encourage those who are curious, and help those who are determined. I’m not an expert, just a former pilgrim who had a good time. Buen Camino!


Oh, and if you were wondering what ever happened to Bryan? Well, I have no idea. We only chatted that night and I never saw him again. But if you know a Bryan from Tipperary, tell him thanks — I really owe him one.


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